Chinese Legend of the White Snake — The Adult Version!

Fairy tales are no longer just for children. This is the first in the series of dirty minded Chinese legends. Taking the ancient “oral tradition” to a whole new level to enjoy some of the most famous love stories in China.

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Legend of the White Snake

It was the beginning of the Qingming festival when the white snake, Bai Suzhen and the green snake, Xiaoqing, turned themselves into women. Bai Suzhen’s human form was a slender young woman with pale white skin and long dark hair. Xiaoqing’s human appearance was equally enchanting, though her hair was a few shades lighter and she was a few inches taller than her companion. The two of them were the subject of many lustful stares as they made their way to the Broken Bridge at Hangzhou.

Bai Suzhen & Xiaoqing

When they arrived, the two women looked up at the clouds in the sky. Within seconds rain began to pour heavily. If they did not find shelter soon they would be soaked from head to toe. Suddenly, an umbrella appeared over their heads. A handsome young man was holding it. He smiled at them and Bai Suzhen could not help but feel that she knew him from somewhere.

“Please share my umbrella, it’s big enough for the three of us after all,” said the man, “So, what are your names?”

The women told him and the man introduced himself as Xu Xian. Bai Suzhen was startled. Could this really be the boy who had blessed her with all of that magical ability all those years ago? He had grown up into such a handsome man. Bai Suzhen could not help to feel indebted to him.

Xu Xian seemed shocked when the women told him that they had no place to stay.

“But where do you live?” he insisted.

“We’re not from here.” said Xiaoqing. Xu Xian insisted that the two women could come and stay at his abode until they were ready to leave. Xiaoqing looked at her friend questioningly and Bai Suzhen nodded without a pause.

“That’s very kind of you. We would love to stay with you for a little while.” said Bai Suzhen. Xu Xian seemed to be delighted by her answer. What man wouldn’t be delighted to have two beautiful young ladies come to stay with him?

Xu Xian’s house was small but well built, standing proudly on top of a small hill. He offered food to the two women but they were too tired to accept his offer. It was after all, close to nightfall and their transformation had taken a lot of their energy. So Xu Xian showed them to the bedroom that they would be sharing and told them to call for him if they needed anything. He really was hospitable. Both Bai Suzhen and Xiaoqing fell asleep almost instantly.

When Bai Suzhen awakened the room had become dark from the night outside. Xiaqing was still fast asleep, but Bai Suzhen was too restless to return to her slumber. She wanted to know if this man really was that boy from all those years ago.

She could not rest until she knew.

She stood up and tiptoed out of the room, taking great care not to wake her companion. The last thing she wanted to do was get on Xiaoqing’s nerves.
The other room was illuminated by a number of lamps. Xu Xian was sitting down when she came in and looked somewhat startled to see her.

“Is everything all right?” he asked. Bai Suzhen nodded and sat down across from him.

“Everything is perfect. You have been so hospitable to us and we are very grateful. I’ve just been feeling a little bit restless,” she explained, “Would you mind keeping me company for a small while?”

“Of course not,” was his response. He grinned at her then. She couldn’t help but be enraptured by his smile. She had always wondered what it would be like to kiss a human man on the lips, and this man made that seem all the more enticing.
For some time, the two of them spoke about a number of things. Xu Xian seemed to be so knowledgeable about the world that Bai Suzhen loved to listen to him. After a while she had to ask the question that was burning in her mind.

“Do you know the lake by the broken bridge?” she asked. Xu Xian seemed taken aback by the question but regardless, he gave her an answer.

“The West lake? Yes. I used to spend a lot of time there as a boy. I always liked looking out for snakes.” he said. For a moment Bai Suzhen wondered if he knew her true identity, but judging by the look on his face he was completely innocent, “Why do you ask?”

It was him. He was the boy from all those years ago. She knew it now, and she was tired of talking. Instead of answering him, she moved close and kissed him on the lips. He kissed her back, softly at first, his hand caressing the side of her face. Then she deepened the kiss and it became more passionate. She moved his hand from her face until it was resting on her breast. Xu Xian had done so much for her, now all she wanted to do was repay him.

Bai Suzhen pulled back and slowly removed her clothing as he watched, obviously in awe of her beauty. Giving her body to him was the perfect way for her to say thank you, it would seem. Soon he was kissing her again and touching her all over, caressing her breasts, waist and behind in a way that made her shiver with anticipation.

“I want you inside me,” she whispered, and heard his breathing quicken. Xu Xian did not have to be asked twice. He revealed his member, which was already hard, and pressed it against the woman’s entrance. He took a deep breath and slid inside her with one swift movement, causing her to cry out at the sensation. It was so different, so much more intense than anything she had ever experienced as a snake.

Xu Xian began to move inside her and Bai Suzhen felt her entire body light up with pleasure. His movements started off slow but soon he was thrusting in and out of her at a rapid pace. She tried her hardest to stifle her cries so as not to wake Xiaoqing but couldn’t help allowing a few moans to escape.

A feeling that she had never experienced before was building up in her body. All she could do was give in to her pleasure as she approached her release. By the look on his face, Bai Suzhen could sense that Xu Xian was also close to his climax. He gave another thrust and she felt herself tighten around him. She gave out a loud cry as that final wave of pleasure overtook her entire being. Her lover managed another two thrusts before he too had to give in to his release.

The two fell asleep in each others arms, Xu Xian still completely oblivious to the true nature of his new lover..