Chinese Legend of The Butterfly Lovers — The Adult Version!

The second edition of the adult minded, “classic” love stories from the mystical land of China. There’s also part one, check out Legend of the White Snake for more.

The Butterfly Lovers

Liang was nervous as he approached the house. It had been so long since he had seen his best friend and he felt a mixture of nervous and excited. He was particularly excited too, not just to see his old best friend. But Zhu had promised to introduce him to her beautiful sister and that both unnerved and exited him. He wondered what the woman would look like. There was no doubt that Zhu was a good looking man, though his slight build and delicate features made him look somewhat feminine. Liang wondered if Zhu’s sister would share his appearance. If she did, he would not be disappointment.

The Butterfly Lovers

He took a deep breath and knocked on the hard wood of the front door. Whatever happened, seeing his old companion would be a positive experience. He just hoped that Zhu’s sister was as perfect a match as Zhu had insisted.

A women opened the door. Liang was instantly struck by her beauty. Her small frame was beautifully dressed and her long dark hair fell down by her waist. Her face was pale, with delicate, beautiful features and dark eyes that looked all to familar.

“Hello Liang.” she said nervously. He instantly recognized that voice. It was Zhu. He was a woman. How could Liang had been so blind? The two of them had been friends for years now, and he hadn’t ever questioned Zhu’s gender. Now there was no doubt that she had been a woman all along. “Hello…Zhu?” said Liang. She welcomed him into the house and he anxiously followed her inside. A million thoughts were running through his head. Ever since they had met as boys, Liang had felt a strong connection with his classmate. Now he wondered if that connection could be more than just platonic. He could not tell from the way that Zhu was looking at him how she felt.

They sat down to discuss what had just happen over tea. The house was empty apart from a mangy looking cat that gazed in at the two of them from the window. Aside from that, they were alone. Liang was free to speak his mind, but he had no idea where to begin.

“I expect that you’re very confused.” said Zhu. She wasn’t quite able to meet his eyes. Once again Liang was struck by how beautiful she was. In all their time as school friends, he had never truly appreciated his best friend’s subtle beauty. He just about managed to gather himself together.

“Well, yes. I have so many questions, but I don’t know where to begin,” he admitted. Zhu nodded, understanding.

“Yes, I expected you might feel this way. As a child, I wanted nothing more than to go to school and learn among the boys. My father allowed me to do this on the condition that I presented myself as a boy. It was a tough but fair bargain. Then…then I met you and things became complicated. Did you ever suspect that I was a woman?” she asked. Liang shook his head.

“No. You were like any other boy to me. I never thought…” his mind raced back in time and he suddenly remembered all of the subtle hints of Zhu’s femininity. Her voice was much higher than any boy’s, but Liang had assumed that Zhu was a late developer. Zhu herself even seemed to be hinting at the fact that there was more to her than met the eye the last time they were together. Liang had thought nothing of it, apart from finding it to be slightly out of character. “…I never thought, or suspected that you might be anything but what you told me that you were. I see now that I was blind.”

A soft pink blush colored the apples of Zhu’s cheeks.

“You should also know that I don’t have a sister,” she suddenly looked up at Liang, and he could feel his heart beating hard in his chest, “I had hoped that you might fall in love with me. I see now that that was a silly idea. I’m just another school friend to you. It’s understandable, really.”

She said all of this, but Liang could see that her heart was breaking. He couldn’t bear it. He lent forward, took her face in his hands and kissed her sweet pink lips. She kissed him back and wrapped her lithe arms around his neck. Despite his instant infatuation, Liang had feared that kissing his former classmate might feel strange or unnatural. His worries were soon destroyed.

Zhu was kissing him back hungrily now, as if she had been waiting for this to happen for years. Liang couldn’t help but feel her breasts through the thing fabric of her clothing. They were as soft as they looked, though her nipples were hard. Zhu pulled away breathlessly, looking up at him.

“I love you Liang. I’ve loved you since the first day we met, all those years ago.”

He pulled her into another kiss and pressed her down until she was beneath him on the floor. There was no doubt from the way her soft body felt under his hardness that she was all woman. Liang pushed aside her skirt and Zhu gasped.

“I’ve wanted this for so long,” she breathed, as Liang removed his member from his pants. She bit her lower lip nervously as he pushed inside her. He could tell by her facial expression that it was hurting, so for a moment he didn’t dare to move. Suddenly, she looked up at him and smiled.

“I’m all right now.”

He began to move inside her and saw the pain on her face turn to pleasure within seconds. Soon his movements became quick and urgent. Her legs wrapped around his waist to pull him closer, deeper inside her. She felt so warm and tight around him that it didn’t take long for Liang to feel himself coming close. By the loud moans that were escaping from those beautiful lips, he knew that Zhu was also seconds away from release. She gave one final cry of pleasure and tightened around him. This stimulation proved too much and Liang also orgasmed, filling her with his seed..

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