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Here’s a guide I wrote for those in or outside of China, shopping on eBay in English. A popular auctions portal popular with Chinese manufacturers and sellers.

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Ebay China in English

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About Chinese eBay

One of the reasons why eBay is so famous in China, is not because Chinese would be using it for making purchases. Quite the opposite, the auctions website is flocked with sellers from the Chinese mainland.

Services such as AliExpress and Alibaba have managed to penetrate the western market remarkably well in their plans of introducing Chinese manufacture consumerism to the west. But still eBay has kept it’s solid market for bridging the gap, especially between the US and China.

While it may be, that consumer protection is stronger with the American based company. Chinese auction portals have increased their efforts to successfully tackle problems of trust, at least in practice. But more than the frame work itself, the image of safety when dealing with a western owned online outlet is a winner in itself.

eBay China in English

The website at is meant for sellers to grow on information for doing business on the English website. For those who want to order from Chinese sellers, or also order from eBay within China should simply turn to the main US website at

eBay Alternatives

For shopping in English from Chinese manufacturers the best alternatives are AliExpress for smaller transactions or Alibaba for bulk orders. Also Amazon in China is an easy place to shop from a wide range of regular consumer products in English.

If you have any related questions about eBay in China, at all. I will be happy to do my best to answer them, or I can extend the post as needed.

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  1. Hello, how would one go about selling on ebay in China given that I do not speak either Chinese language.

    Further, is it possible to become a “daigou”? Purchasing high quality nutritional products or organic fresh produce on behalf of discerning Chinese clients.

    • Mainland Chinese consumers do not use eBay. They have their own e-commerce and auctions portals with little to none English language support. Chinese sellers use eBay for selling to foreign countries, so it’s one way only.

    • It’s not possible unfortunately. If you want to ship to China from overseas, a popular choice is “TMall Global” (天猫国际) but it’s all in Chinese so you would likely need to hire an agent to manage it all for you. These agency services should be well available though. Thanks for asking!

  2. hi ,
    i am in china,but not chinese , and i would like to use ebay to sell chinese products to costumers outside china , the question is , should i register for an account on the ? or my account on is enough ? and if i am using ,can i benefit from the e-packet service ? Thanks 🙂

    • You can use either .com or and both will be using the same eBay account. The .cn doesn’t offer registration. Yes, indeed ePacket is commonly used with Chinese sellers on eBay. Thanks!

    • Yes the Chinese Amazon does support international sending. But it also depends on the product. Simply try to place an order with an international shipping address. For USA recipient’s, make sure you fill in the state as an acronym — because the address is limited to 60 characters.

      Thanks for your question!

  3. I collect miniature glass animals and I would like to know if there is a way I can buy them from China. These animals are either made currently or are from the 1960s or 1970s but some of them even go back to the 1930s etc. These are just little glass animals that are very delicate that they sell on eBay as glass animals or glass figurines. Is there way I can buy them from China as an individual. I do not want to buy them in bulk. Do they have something like the American, UK, German eBay in China? I do not speak Chinese. Thank you

    • If you want to connect with Chinese sellers in the English language — the best website for that is AliExpress. There is no bidding option or used items like on eBay but you can order individual pieces. And they have good buyer protection.

      Thank you for asking and sorry for not replying sooner!

  4. I have an antique lace collection that is quite extensive. All handmade and 17th, 18th, 19th century as well as some tablecloths, curtains and bedspreads that are made out of lace but 20th century. I was told that “Chinese E-bay” would be a good place to sell it. How is it done and do you think viable? Best, Ann PS I want to sell it all!!!!

  5. How can I sell items on line to mainland China from Australia
    I do have an eBay site but was told there is no eBay in mainland China there is only in HongKong can you reconmend any on line sites that’s best to list items on to sell in China mainland
    Thank you

  6. Hi,
    I have Australian made baby formula I would like to sell in China where can I advertise apart from ?

  7. Hi Charlie
    I am a antique dealer in Australia ,we have many Chinese tourist buyers ,and want to sell on a Chinese equivalent of eBay in Chinese (we plan to find an agent to help us )
    So my question is what is the most popular site for Chinese to buy antiques/collectibles/secondhand from
    Also will the address of the buyer need to be in Chinese to send I assume so
    Thanks in advance

  8. Hi

    I have a lot of Chinese coming into a store where I work to buy Burberry watches in a huge amount to sell back in China.

    I have high respect for these guys but would like to have a go at selling these watches over seas to China from the UK myself..

    How would I possibly advertise the product as I’ve looked at ebay cn but ended very confused..

  9. I’m having a lot of eBay Australia and with Europe and American,trouble logging on to my site,from what little information I’m getting and a lot of it different,the main risen is that my Internet server can’t figure out who I’am,I’m on PS4 how can’t they know who I’am or if Internet server is up to date,can you please help,thank-you cartman4561.

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